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The Pangu jailbreak solution has been out recently and it is already available to the public online. Although, the software is still in its newborn days, but you can reach it online.

Likewise the past releases, there are always issues with the new softwares that user points out and the issues are resolved in another new version.

One problem that was happening with the devices after installing this jailbreak is that they were rebooting even when they were not required to. This issue was occurring after rebooting and when the  jailbreak was done with the PP jailbreak app. If this is occurring with your device too, then with the easy solution, you can get it solved on your iPad, iPod touch, and iPhone till the official amendment comes from the PP or Pangu teams.

Without putting it off, here is the way through which you can solve the PP and Pangu’s issue on iOS 9.2 and iOS 9.3.3 after restarting on iPod touch, iPad or iPhone.

At first, you have to ensure that your device is switched off.

On the second step, you have to switch it on while pressing the power button along with the volume up button on the side so that the device could restart. As you see that the Apple’s logo has appeared, leave the Power button. But continue to press the Volume up key. You will see that the Locked screen has shown, then leave this volume key too.

On the third step, double tap Touch ID button that is a Home button too, the App Swichter will get active. Now close the apps by swiping them upwards from the background.

Open the PP jailbreak app and get through it by following the instructions and get device into jailbreak.

Now, you will see that your locked screen has the push notification on it, which means that the jailbreak mode has been appeared in the operational medium.

If the operating system is still not functioning, then make your Pangu application in action on the background. Do not kill the application in the background and switch to it with App Switcher. Now tap the Sleep or Power key twice with the circle key present in the application so that the app will be locked by hand.

Your device will now be able to perform well within the mode of the jailbreak.