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Last month, Mac Otakara a Japanese tech site stated that Apple will launch the MacBook Air models that have USB-C ports by the end of June and that the giant will begin distributing the devices to retailers sometime in August. Obviously, that month has passed and there’s no word on the MacBook Air yet but maybe the shipment in August may still be true.

At the same time, a DigiTimes report suggested that Apple is sticking to this plan but they haven’t mentioned any dates or even a timeframe. However, DigiTimes previously reported that the MacBook Air shipments will start in June.

DigiTimes also reported that the upcoming MacBooks will be ultra-thin devices with metal injection molded hinges but there is nothing hinting to that on the part of Apple.

In fact, the last Mac device released by Apple was the 12 inch MacBook and everything has stagnated ever since then.

This has lead many users to believe that Apple may never manufacture a MacBook Air line ever again but that’s very unlikely given the fact the aforementioned 12 inch MacBook is still selling. It’s also very hard to believe that that might happen because there are many leaked images online of a supposed new MacBook Air model with USB-C ports.

Ming-Chi Kuo, an analyst from KGI Securities has stated that Apple could launch up to three MacBook models by the end of this year: a 13 inch and 15 inch MacBook Pro and a 13 inch MacBook 2016.

However, according to Apple Insider, it’s very probable that Apple will give up on the MacBook Air line and instead sell it at lower notebook prices like $770. They also mentioned a possible release date for the upcoming MacBook Air, despite these statements, and that is the month of November. This month is very close to the holiday season and it will definitely help the sales.