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WhatsApp’s developers offered Android users a big surprise by releasing a new stable version of this application. WhatsApp 2.16.201 is like a breath of fresh air for users who had been getting only beta updates with bug fixes and minor changes. A few new features have been added and their stability has been improved with each new update, and they made their way to the new stable version of the application, which has the build number 451310.

WhatsApp 2.16.201 weighs in at 21.82 MB and it can be downloaded from the Google Play Store. It can be installed on any smartphone running on Android 4.0 and later, but Google hasn’t provided any change log for it. However, we’re pretty sure that the update contains the call back feature, which will appear on the screen after a call is declined; a new font called Fixedsys, which can be enabled by putting the text between the backquote symbol (`); users can send a specific quotes of conversation by tapping the reply button and sending the quoted text to individual and group chat etc.

Soon, the application will get the voice calling feature, but it’s not known when exactly. Last time, the feature was spotted in May, in WhatsApp 2.16.80, via the Google Play beta testing program, but it was removed afterwards and since then, the developers have refused to give more details about it.

WhatsApp for iOS already supports larger emojis and we’re expecting to see them in the Android version, as well. Some rumors suggest that the application will introduce the music-sharing feature, but it will be firstly added to iOS and it will allow users to share music stored on their iPhones and from their Apple Music accounts.

If you’ve enrolled in the Android beta testing program, then you should know that a new beta update is out. WhatsApp 2.16.204 can be downloaded directly from the Google Play store.