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Several months ago, rumors about Grand Theft Auto (GTA) surfaced about the latest GTA version that would soon be released. According to the reports, the upcoming GTA 6 would have a bigger map – the biggest so far seen in the franchise.

Rumors suggest it’ll take place in either London or San Diego, but only rumors since the developer could make it a whole other location. Still, there are a fair amount of people involved who are British, which means the game could take place in London. Should GTA 6 be set in London, it’ll have an array of huge changes to it. For instance, cars will have the steering wheel on their right side.

Other rumors suggest that the setting of the game will take place in Tokyo, Japan, but the developer not been confirmed or denied anything.

Some reports suggest there will be a “World Map,” which will allow users to see all maps from the previous Grand Theft Auto games. This “World Map” would enable players to go from one city to another – to complete various missions and raids.

It is thought the latest GTA is set to be released in 2018, following the five-year pattern from its developer. If the 2018 release does not happen, speculations are is that it’ll be released in 2020 when Xbox 2 and PlayStation 5 will be made public. And, rumors say GTA 6 is the first game to be released on these two game consoles.