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If you’re the owner of an Apple device that has the iOS 9.3.2 software on it, you may be anxiously waiting for the iOS 9.3.2 jailbreaking tool release, which is set to happen relatively soon. If you’ve never broken your phone or tablet before, you may want to wait to ensure you understand the jailbreaking experience.

What Is Jailbreaking?

Apple locks its devices down so that users cannot alter the OS, which keeps them chained to the system. However, with a jailbreaking tool, people can escape the jail and do what you want with the device. Jailbreaking has its own unique set of risks, which includes bricking the tablet or phone and making it useless. This doesn’t happen very often if the instructions are followed.

Back The Device Up

Before you download any jailbreaking tool, it’s imperative to back the data up in iTunes. Should something occur, the data can be restored, and the device goes back to normal. According to some folks, restoring a backup from iTunes can result in an unstable or bricked device. Other folks claim it’s perfectly safe procedure.

Download From Reputable Teams

There are a plethora of fake jailbreaking tools on the Internet, and by downloading them, you risk causing your device to become unusable. Make sure the jailbreaking tool only comes from TaiG and Pangu, which are well-known in releasing stable tools.

Use Only Popular Apps

When jailbreaking your device, you can install Cydia, which is a mobile app store that provides you with an array of apps that’s not on iTunes. While you may be tempted to download these apps, but only go with the well-known apps that have gotten positive user reviews.

Install Each App One At A Time

If you download a multitude of apps at one time and suddenly have issues, you won’t know which app is causing you issues. Download just one app a day so that you give yourself enough time to test it – you want to know if it works right and, if it doesn’t work, you can delete it.

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