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Bad news for the Pokemon Players who were hoping to get their hands on the Bluetooth-connected wristband will have to wait until September, because this accessory won’t be released sooner. The wearable has a Pokeball-inspired blip design and it will be worn around the wrist. It will connect to an iOS or Android smartphone and when a Pokemon will be nearby, it will notify players by flashing LEDs and vibrating. This will help players to save their battery life, as they will no longer need to look at the screen all the time and follow the map.

Players who placed Pokemon GO Plus pre-orders and paid $35 for the accessory will have to wait until September to receive it in the US and other regions, or if they change their mind, they will have the possibility to cancel their pre-order.

By delaying the release of the Pokemon GO Plus, Nintendo is making a big mistake, because instead of taking advantage of the overwhelming popularity of the game, it plays with fan’s nerves, risking to lose them. Real fans will continue to play Pokemon Go the same way they did since the launch of the game on July 6, and they will wait patiently until the wearable will hit the stores in September.

In September, Nintendo will also release its new generation console, called NX, which, according to rumors, it will be powered by an Nvidia Tegra chip and will be a hybrid resulting from the combination of a set-top box with a handheld console. The portable console will have detachable controllers and will run on a new OS developed by Nintendo, although early rumors suggested that the device will come pre-installed with Android. Other reports said that the console will be actually launched in March 2017 and the first first-party game which will be available for it and which was confirmed so far is the NX version of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.