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Pokemon Go is the biggest mobile game of all time and the game is not even fully released yet, Niantic is still hard at work getting servers ready for more countries to be added to the growing list of Pokemon hunters. Some Nintendo 3DS fans wonder if the game will be ported for the handheld console but there are several good reasons why this will not happen.

The game requires several things in order to work:

  • GPS
  • An in-built gyroscope
  • Constant internet access

The Nintendo 3DS does have an inbuilt gyroscope but it’s inaccurate and doesn’t always work correctly; Pokemon Go requires precise movements and players are dependent on the gyroscope to tell them where to look for Pokemon.

While it can access the internet, the 3DS doesn’t do it in a way that would support playing Pokemon Go. The handheld console can only connect to Wi-Fi whereas mobile phones also have Mobile Data; most Pokemon hunting is done away from Wi-Fi zones and the game must be connected to the internet at all times to work. In addition to this, a GPS is necessary to determine the location of the player and Pokemon are spawned accordingly.

So, the Nintendo 3DS is just not designed for this type of game and that’s without even considering the AR Pokemon capture sequences. It doesn’t mean that Pokemon Go will never come to a handheld console however, if Nintendo creates one that could support Pokemon Go or other AR games then it is always possible.

For now players will need to use a mobile phone to play Pokemon Go and unless Nintendo announces that the game will actually be coming to the 3DS, it does seem very unlikely to happen.