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We started the week with some good news! All the versions of “Minecraft” for consoles will be receiving 2 DLCs. The one that will arrive first is called the Battle Map Pack, which offers 3 new maps for competition that you will be able to use inside the Battle Mini Game.

This first DLC consists in three maps called Siege, Ruin and Atlantis. Battle Map allows maximum 4 players to hold an online battle. You can even play it locally through a split-screen, so this is a great idea for parties or when you’re having some friends over.

You can also get a skin pack for your console if you want, released by the Minecraft Redstone Specialists. This was first available for the Pocket Edition of Minecraft and the Beta Edition for Windows 10. Just like with any other skin packs, you can test some of them for free before buying it. Even so, the new content doesn’t come with a high price. Both releases cost $2.99 and they are already available for all the console editions of the game. This includes Xbox 360, Xbox One, PS Vita, PS3 and PS4. However, the Wii U version will be received later this week.

The guys at Mojang also launched a new update. This is in fact the 1.31 patch, which makes support available for the new console versions. As such, the new DLCs will receive patch notes, fixes regarding the blocks, textures, commands and mob heads in the game and many more. They also changed some item textures in the City Texture Pack, Greek Mythology Mash-up Pack and Fantasy Texture one. As such, you will spot them more easily in the Mini Games.