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One of the reasons why lots of people use WhatsApp is its call feature, which makes calling friends and family incredibly cheap. There’s no need to add call minutes to your mobile phone plan or pay for sky-high voice call rates; as long as you have an unlimited data plan, you can call anyone you like for as many minutes as you want.

Now WhatsApp’s voice call system becomes even more attractive with the introduction of two new beta features: Call Back and Voice Message. These two features will appear only when you call someone and they decline the call or don’t pick up the phone; when this happens, WhatsApp will ask you whether you want to Cancel, Call Back, or Record voice message.

Choosing Cancel will close the screen, while hitting Call Back will redial the number that you have just called. Tapping on Record voice message will let you do just that: record a message that you say out loud. The voice message will then appear on your chat conversation with the person you’re trying to call.

People are referring to this as “WhatsApp voicemail” because it’s very similar to the traditional voicemail, but it’s actually just a new version of the voice messages that you currently send through chat. The only difference is that you can now record your voice message right after making a call, instead of heading over to another screen.

These new features are available when you download version 2.16.189 of WhatsApp for Android. This is still in its beta version, though, so you either have to become a beta tester or download the APK from APK Mirror. If you opt for the former, you’ll need to sign up for Google Play’s testing program for WhatsApp. You’ll get the latest beta version of the app after a few minutes or hours.