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Pokemon Go provides players with some assistance when it comes to finding Pokemon; the rustled leaves animation is used to show there is a Pokemon close to that area but it is not very specific.

The way around this could be called ‘cheating’ but considering Pokemon Go is plagued with a “three steps glitch” that fails to tell players how close a Pokemon is to them, it’s a necessary evil.

Not so surprisingly, Ingress is the answer. Niantic has not just used the same Portal locations in Pokemon Go, they also seem to use the XM spots too. XM is needed in Ingress to complete almost every action and players need to physically collect them.

Players have discovered that it seems to impact Pokemon spawns also; the more XM spots in one area, the more rare Pokemon that spawn there. This is an incredibly useful trick for all Pokemon Go players and with the three steps glitch still in the game, this can be the only way to track down the elusive rare Pokemon that appear in the “nearby” tab.

This does come with problems however; players need to keep the Ingress app open the entire time which will deplete battery life even faster and will double the data usage. While the hack is useful, it’s not a possibility for most players while out looking for Pokemon.

It is still interesting to see this in Pokemon Go and for desperate players, this is the perfect way to get around the three steps glitch when trying to locate a rare Pokemon.