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The Wall Breaker is potentially the most popular troop in the game due to it’s powerful ability that allows it to break down enemy walls. Players can unlock this unit relatively early in the game as it only requires a Level 3 Town Hall and a Level 5 Barracks,

This unit will focus on walls and buildings however they will not attack a wall if there is no building directly behind it; Wall Breakers still make it possible to quickly demolish walls to let the main army into the enemy base.

Wall Breakers are vulnerable to attack from defensive buildings and it’s important to keep them safe; one way to do this would be to use a high HP unit to distract the defensive building. The enemy defensive buildings make it necessary to have Wall Breakers on the attack team, these units can quickly take down walls which would take other units a very long time to do. Without Wall Breakers, the attacking team would be quickly demolished by defensive buildings such as towers.

This doesn’t mean other units are pointless, every unit in the game has a purpose and fills a certain role in battle; having too many of one unit can mean defeat if they cannot counter the enemy units. Too many Wall Breakers on the team does not end well, plus they take up quite a bit of housing space which subtracts units from the army.

All high tier players know that Wall Breakers are key units in the game and are necessary for most battle strategies to work. It’s a strong offensive unit however it has very little use in defensive situations.