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A lot of game developers, and tech giants in general, like to involve fans and users into their updating process. For gamers, there are tons of beta versions of games that developers show off to them so they can give their input on what could work better, give ideas of new features and bug fixes as well. While many people don’t think they can help with the process of making their favorite game a little better – the game developers do make an accessible way for them to weigh in the decision process.

That’s what Supercell, the creator of the popular game Clash of Clans is doing at the moment. They’re known to pop surveys on the internet for the updates they give the game, but one is going on right now – so if you’re a superfan and have an idea for a new feature for the game, look into that because the developers have been very receptive to suggestions.
The next update coming on the market is almost already finished, as Parent Herald says, but there is always the next update that you could bring some color to.

Supercell has been facing some competition, so getting up and close with their fans, as well as making them happy is all they’re looking for. Battle Champ is a new smartphone game that is slowly entering the top places on the App Store/Google Play charts of most installed games, which means Clash of Clans is getting some competition – because the two games are very similar. There has been some discussion that a lot of fans are going to the alternative of the game, because in the previous update for Clash of Clans, fans were a little disappointed for the few new levels they were given for the Archer Towers and the Giant.

This is when Supercell has thought of changing the game a little bit and going right to the consumers for solutions that they would like to see in the game. We believe the game developer went with the right choice and we think that their fans are pretty loyal and will help Supercell bring the best update to Clash of Clans.