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Pokemon Go fans who own a jailbroken iPhone are looking for the best hacks that help them succeed in this game, even if they risk getting banned if they’re caught using cheats. However, those who still want to take risks can install this major hack that will have their on-screen alter ego traveling on the map without even taking a single step in the real world.

Before deciding to use this cheat, you should know that some players have been caught while transporting their alter ego from a location to another. However, the difference between this cheat and others is that it will actually make your alter ego walk around as it will trick the game to think that you’re actually outside, following the map and heading to the place where a Pokemon is hiding.

There’s a video on YouTube showing you how this cheat works and you can watch it below:

If you decide to jailbreak your iPhone, remember that it will void warranty and if something will happen to your device, you will pay for repairs and it’s possible that your phone may never be restored to its previous state. Anyway, if you go all the way and jailbreak your phone, it’s very easy to install the hack.

The hack will add a joystick to the game and you will use it to move your character anywhere on the map. By tapping the two half circles from the left side of the screen, you will open a pair of tool bars with a few options. One of the options will increase the speed of your alter ego by up to four times, while another option will allow you to move your character without using the joystick.

You will see a tool that’s called “patrol” which will give your character to move all by itself, while when tapping another button, you will open up Google Maps, you’ll pick any location from the map and the character will go there. Also, when you’ll bump into a Pokemon, a small image of it will appear on the left side of the screen and when tapping of it, your character will head towards it.