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The Nintendo DS is an iconic handheld console and it received a range of amazing exclusive titles which fans still enjoy playing today; it’s not surprising then that NDS Emulators are also popular. Finding a good Nintendo DS Emulator is difficult and risky for those inexperienced with Emulators; these Emulators are available on a range of platforms but here are some of the best ones available for Android devices.

DraStic DS Emulator

This is the best DM Emulator available for Android devices right now, it can run pretty much any game and has a variety of useful features such as screen layout customization. It does have a downside however, this Emulator costs $6 to purchase in the store which makes this one of the most expensive Emulators around.


While this Emulator recommends a high-end device for it to work properly, it is entirely free and does not contain any in-app purchases. This is compatible with a range of game files including zip and nds files while also running most games relatively smoothly. It provides a nice playing experience while also adding in some necessary features such as save and load along with the ability to customize game controls.


This free Emulator includes a nice range of features that allows players to search by game file, use cheats andcustomize their control layout. It allows users to play a range of supported file formats such as nds and zip. While it does have some lag issues with specific games, the overall game experience is smooth.


Users can expect to have a nice experience with this NDS Emulator; it offers a smooth experience with quality game sound which is something many Emulators lack. In addition to this, the program is open source and does not impact the GPL like other Emulators.


Unlike many other Emulators, it offers cheats which were popular during the time of the Nintendo DS and the app even uses a dual touchscreen interface similar to the DS screens. Potentially the best feature about this Emulator is the fact it supports wireless controllers. It supports a range of game file types and games are mostly smooth with this Emulator.