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With all the instances that Adobe Flash Player bugs have been exploited by hackers, more people are becoming concerned if updating this plugin is actually still safe. Remember the time of the Flashback Trojan horse that targeted Mac users, and 600,000 individuals who weren’t aware they were installing the fake update ended up infecting their devices?

No one wants to be a victim of malware or scams. So to make sure you are receiving a valid update from Adobe, be vigilant and informed.

Does it look suspicious?

Do not trust and download any notification immediately. Inspect it well for any suspicious clues, like grammatical errors, typos, or misaligned interface elements. If you find these, then close the Flash Player notification. Other people might also be able to spot other distinct features, like the installer package doesn’t have Adobe icons and is just a generic orange, and the file is in ZIP format instead of DMG.

Does it really come from Adobe?

Try to do a quick search online and check if there have been any recent reports about Adobe Flash Player updates. Also, take note that Adobe will distribute its updates through the Adobe Flash Player Install Manager program that was installed when you install Flash. So check first if this is the program that is running. If the program is somewhere in your user account or in your downloads folder, then ignore the update.

Does it look like a web page that is running a program?

If you are asked to install a program or item on your device when visiting a web page, be suspicious. Malware is often times served on a web page that looks like a program that is running on your device or on an open window on your desktop. Take for example the Flashback Trojan malware, which made it appear as if the plugin on the web page you were on had crashed and you had to update it using a fake Adobe Flash Player installer. Another indication that your AFP update may not be legitimate is when the notification goes away when you close your browser.

With all the security issues connected to Adobe Flash Player, it is vital to keep your software updated. And the best way to make sure that you are installing a valid update is to always download any update from the official Adobe website for Flash Player updates.