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People have been able to emulate Nintendo’s device on their computer for some time now. The only one that has yet to be fully emulated is the Nintendo 3DS because it’s so different.

Does that mean people are not trying to emulate it? Not at all! It’s only that 3DS emulators are still in their infancy development stage, so the task to emulate isn’t easy, and the chances of getting one soon are slim.

Are There Any 3DS Emulators For Android Devices

Here’s what people need to understand: there is no 3DS emulator for the PC, and there’s none for the Android. There is none in development for it either. Any phase of the 3DS emulation will be for the PC, which will then focus on Android and other operating systems – being a bit easier to do.

Users who have searched the PlayStore for any 3DS emulators can stop right now because there are no emulators on there or the Internet to be found.

3 Frequently Asked Questions About Emulators

When Is A Release Expected?

The problem with this question is that there’s nothing going on with 3DS emulators just yet. So, a release for one won’t be in the near future – perhaps not even a couple of years from now.

Where Can People Get News About A Release?

People who want news about a 3DS emulators should check out Citra, which keeps its site current about the latest emulator news. Another place to look for news would be the forums at XDA-Developers.

Should People Just Buy A 3DS?

People may think that since an emulator isn’t coming soon, they may want to go ahead and buy a 3DS. That would be a good idea. After all, it doesn’t cost as much as a smartphone, and regardless of how good the emulator is for Windows or Android, it’s not going to be as good as the device itself.

Of course, with the 3D and touch combined, it’s better to buy the Nintendo 3DS instead of waiting for a limited features and functionality emulator.

There are some many features that Nintendo offers that’s no wonder that systems like the N64 and 3DS are so popular. And, these features may not be emulated completely on smartphone devices.