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A new version of WhatsApp application for iOS devices has been released and it comes with new features. It seems that the developers have improved the video recording feature that was available in the application. In other words, the load times have been reduced and you can now send larger emojis and thanks to “Mark All As Read” option, you can mark as read multiple conversations at once.

If you are running this WhatsApp version on your iOS device, you will notice that the emoji will become bigger if you send a single one in a message. It seems that Apple will make the same change to its Messages application, but this will happen this fall, when the iOS 10 will be released.

In addition, while using the new WhatsApp 2.16.7 update, you will be able to zoom in and out on videos, by sliding your finger up and down when recording them. We remind you that until now, users that wanted to zoom in and out while recording a video had to install another application such as Apple’s default camera app and just send the video once they’ve finished filming it.

According to the developers of WhatsApp, the chats will also open faster and you will notice this as soon as you update the application to the latest version. It’s not sure how they have fixed that, but we can confirm that, indeed, chats are opening way faster than before.

You can also tap the “Edit” button from the top of the Chats tab and this will allow you to select multiple chats in order to mark them as read, delete or even archive them. There are reports which say that the WhatsApp version for Android devices will also receive these features sometime in the near future.

Have you tested the WhatsApp 2.16.7 on your iOS device? Tell us your thoughts about it!