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WhatsApp can be likened as the IoT of messaging apps, except in the aspect of human interaction, as it is all about social interaction. It is practically everywhere – on tablets, smartphones, Windows and Mac.

While user experience has mostly been uneventful, which isn’t all that bad, the app itself has been in the news quite frequently.

It almost became collateral damage when a judge in Rio ordered its nationwide suspension, because its parent company, Facebook, would not help in a police investigation. Now that the suspension has been lifted, WhatsApp is off to Rio again. In other news, ringleaders of the recent Turkey coup were said to have used the messaging app to plan their attacks. Not exactly good publicity, but it is proof of the app’s popularity and usability.

On the lighter side of things, WhatsApp free download will soon get a new two-factor authentication. Most people would be happy with end-to-end encryption, but security at device level will definitely make a huge difference. Because mobile numbers are at risk of being misused, they are not really a reliable tool for authentication. So the two-factor authentication feature will be the next must-have for WhatsApp free download.

The news came out following the release of the latest beta APK, where new files added to the app are related to the new security feature. These include fragment_two_factor_auth_email.xml, activity_two_factor.xml, settings_two_factor_auth.xml, fragment_two_factor_auth_code.xml.

It is unclear, however, how the authentication feature will be added on WhatsApp, since it doesn’t require a username or password. It does not even link to any email address. There is a possibility that an email ID link will be introduced, which will enable users to deactivate their ID in the event that they lose their phone, or no longer wants to use the phone number enrolled with the app.

There’s no date yet as to when the feature will be released, but you can always sign up to be a beta tester, so you get first dibs with the new security feature.

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