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The latest update of WhatsApp for iOS was released on July 25 and the file has a size of 62.2 MB. The developers have focused more on the Android version, spoiling users with the latest features and now they’re turning their attention to the iOS users, by offering them new video and chat features.

From now on, users who record videos through WhatsApp will have the ability to zoom in and out by simply sliding a finger up and down the screen while filming. Another change was made to the interface font, as a new Edit option has been added to the chat thread tab, so that users can easily archive, delete or mar as read multiple chats.

Also, individual chat threads will load faster and users will scroll trough them continuously, instead of getting requests to “scroll again” to reach earlier parts of the thread that interests them. Also, singular emojis that are sent within a thread will appear bigger and there was added a new WhatsApp Web/Desktop section to the Settings screen, which allows users to manage account login options related to the standalone app that was released a few weeks ago.

WhatsApp 2.16.7 is available for download on iTunes, where you can also find the change log for this update.

And if you haven’t noticed already, WhatsApp has added a hidden Olympics emoji and on iOS, users have two options: to either copy it from a contact who sent it to them, or to type this sequence of symbols: ◯◯◯◯◯.

This nice addition is available in the Web app as well, and it’s found under the soccer ball submenu of the emoji list, and users need to click on the emoji icon in the typing field. Also, if you’re an Android user, you should know that the 2.16.202 beta update was just released.

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