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Fans of The Sims 4 are being included with the current wave of summer orientated updates which have been released across all video games; players can now download the Backyard Stuff expansion pack for $9.99

The pack is orientated around expanding the backyards of houses to make them ready for the hot sun and summer parties that players are bound to be throwing. The biggest addition with this update are two new water slides that can be set up in the backyard which can be used for tricks and players can even add soap to the slide.

The water slides are one of the most interesting new additions but there are also plenty of other decoration items such as bird feeders, an umbrella table, wind catchers, wind chimes and summer drink trays where sims can buy special drinks from.

Backyard Stuff also includes a range of new sim customization features such as clothing and hairstyles to suit the new summer style.

The pack brings quite a few charming new items to the game that will help Sims throw great parties this season and keep players still interested in the game for a little while longer.