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The highly anticipated mobile game has finally arrived and is slowly being released across the world. Pokemon Go is the augmented reality game that encourages players to actively walk and explore the world in search of Pokemon. The game has not yet been released worldwide and developer Niantic is slowly giving more countries access to the most popular mobile game ever created.

The games popularity is not just attracting Pokemon fans but there are new players being drawn into the world and as a result, the servers are having issues. Severs have been relatively unstable across the world and the issue becomes worse every time a new country is added to the growing number of Pokemon Go players; there are a few hours each day where the servers are not so overcrowded.

In addition to the crowded servers, there are a few bugs that have made it through into the game and the most well-known one has been affectionately called the “three-steps glitch”. The game is supposed to show how close the nearby Pokemon are to the player to help them locate the Pokemon they want to catch. This bug has broken that idea by always showing the nearby Pokemon as being the furthest distance away possible.

Despite the issues Pokemon Go is facing, the player count for the game is growing steadily and will continue to increase as more countries are added to the growing list.