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Hurray, Pokémon GO has released a patch update to fix minor text issues for iOS users. Sad to say, that is where the good news ends, as it seems the update isn’t available to Android users yet as of this writing, and it doesn’t patch all the other (and probably more major) problems people are experiencing with the app. In addition, there have been reports that the most recent update has caused an immediate server crash. It is also 153 MB in size, so players will have to allot more storage space for the game. Players who are using iOS are advised to download the latest Pokémon GO patch update via Wi-Fi instead of mobile data to avoid any troubles.

It is good to see that Niantic has been releasing patches, but Pokémon GO players were hoping that the latest fix would address bigger problems. For instance, the three-step glitch is causing some major issues. This bug makes it appear that a Pokémon is still three steps away when the character is actually located near a player. This has made it more difficult for players to track a Pokémon and even find a specific character.

And that isn’t the only major problem that Pokémon GO players have experienced since the app was released. There have been complaints about the game freezing. There have also been server and game stability issues, which could be happening because Niantic’s servers are not sufficient enough to accommodate the huge number of people who are playing the game all over the world.

There was also the issue of Pokémon GO causing Google account problems, but Niantics was quick to respond and work on fixing the issue. With the game quickly becoming one of the most popular apps all over the world, players can only hope that the developers will also work faster to patch all the glitches and provide Pokémon trainers with a smoother and more enjoyable gaming experience.