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Almost three years ago the public received the Xbox One console for a price of $500. Before the first major upgrade, Microsoft decided it’s time for a discount on the bulky console, and so you can get it for just $249. It is actually a significant cut, especially if you think about the fact that it takes place just after a couple of months since the last price cuts they had. Moreover, Xbox One now becomes available to a whole range of people who did not afford to buy it until now.

While it’s a first when it comes to such a price refresh with Microsoft, it is quite unusual to see such sales especially around this time of the year. Initially, the Xbox 360 was released in two versions: 20 GB HDD for almost $400 and another system lacking internal memory for $299. Although Microsoft presented some SKUs during its lifetime, it never offered such big discounts for the 360.

Since the E3, the event that took place earlier this year, Microsoft cut the prices three times, including this one. Most likely, this shows that the company is planning to clear out the SKU and to make a refill for the new Xbox One S. This represents a new platform with lots of updates, including support for 4K output and a large range for display support. This will also be available in two versions: one with a 2 TB HDD for $399 and another one with just 1 TB for $299.

All in all, getting a new Xbox One for just $250 seems to be a pretty good deal right now, so if you’re a fan of the console games, you should totally hurry up and get your own copy.