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While almost everyone else is happily going around town capturing Pokémons, Windows phone users are still sitting in the corner watching all the others have all the fun. But could that change soon?

There has been recent buzz about the increased chances of Pokémon GO for Microsoft’s mobile platform after a fan of the game in Portugal expressed his dismay about the current situation. On the Facebook page of Microsoft Portugal, Rafael Pinheiro posted a comment stating that it is not acceptable that the Pokémon GO app is still not available for the Windows Phone. He boldly declared that he would switch to the smartphone of a competitor, but requested the tech giant company to do something about the situation.

He received a reply, which stated, “The application will be home soon, which refers to the Windows Store. Thank you, Team Microsoft Portugal”. This response could have gotten Windows Phone users all excited, but probably a little too soon as Microsoft Portugal issued another statement. In it, MS Portugal clarified that there have been requests to make Pokémon GO available for the Windows Phone and that the Windows Store is evaluating options to satisfy the request in the best possible way.

It seems users of Microsoft’s mobile platform were disappointed again, and left a string of comments expressing how the tech giant was losing a lot of customers because they couldn’t keep up with the needs and demands of their clientele. Many also said they would replace their Windows Phone with other mobile devices that supported Pokémon GO (this would obviously make the people of Android and iOS happy).

With already 85,000 Windows Phone users fixing their signatures on petitions for Pokémon GO’s availability on their devices, it is obvious how important the app is. The tech community can only wonder what could be taking Microsoft so long when they are obviously in danger of losing their share of the market. For the meantime, while Android and iOS users continue to catch all those Pokémon, all the others can do is continue to wait and pressure Microsoft to move faster, or try to enjoy playing Pokémon GO on a Windows PC.