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Rockstar has released a new update for the popular online version of the GTA 5 game. First of all, you should know that the new update is called “Cunning Stunts” and it comes with five new races and three new vehicles along with a new Premium Race. In addition, some fresh bonuses have been added, which also include a Gold jumpsuit for just logging in the game.

In addition, between July 27 and July 29, you will receive double RP and GTA virtual dollars by playing stunt races. In addition, there will be also a 20% discount on neon kits and vehicle re-sprays. Volatus helicopter and the Buckingham Nimbus Jet have received discounts and you can purchase them at a discount of 30%.

New Added Vehicles

After installing the latest update for GTA Online, you will notice that three new vehicles have been added, which are: Vapid Contender, MTL Dune and Bravado.

New Races Added

As we’ve told you above, there will be five new races and they are: Over the Bridge, H200, Chilliad, The Wave and Vespucci. It is good to know that each race is made for a specific type of vehicle (supercar or bike). For example, if you are a fan of supercars, then you should test them out on Vespucci, H200 and Chilliad. However, if you love motorcycles, then you should test them out in races such as The Wave or Over the Bridge.

Rockstar is continuously adding new things to its GTA Online and it seems that players never get bored of this game. However, there are still many who are frequently asking about the GTA 6 sequel. Unfortunately, Rockstar is not saying a word about it (for now), but if rumors prove to be right, this game will be released sometime in 2018-2020.

Have you tested out the new races and cars that have been added in GTA Online?