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With new innovations released frequently and sometimes multiple times in a day, you would want to get your hands on the latest updates on WhatsApp as soon as they come out. But they’re usually released in beta version, which means you need to be a beta tester to get first dibs on every update.

There’s really nothing to it, but using a beta update is not always as quick and simple, as using a stable version. After all, it is still in the testing phase, complete with bugs and problems.

How to become a beta tester? Simply visit WhatsApp beta tester – Google Play and click on Become a Tester. A new window will open that shows “You are now a tester”.

On that same page, you are presented with two options: get the testing version and leave the testing program. If WhatsApp is already installed on your phone, tablet or computer, you will automatically get a test version. Otherwise, install WhatsApp first.

It usually takes a few hours before the new beta version reaches your device.

If you want to leave the testing program, simply click on “Leave the Program”. In the event that the stable version has already been released, you would have to uninstall the beta update and then reinstall WhatsApp to switch to the public version.

If a downloadable APK file is already available, you don’t need to become a beta tester to use the latest version. But you need to be very careful where you download the APK file. Don’t be the next malware victim.

Download the APK file you’re looking for, and then install it. Remember that APKs are only compatible with Android devices. Check out the latest WhatsApp Beta Download with a new font style.