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It’s official, Bethesda have confirmed that they have not started working on the next installment in The Elder Scrolls series. A recent statement from Todd Howard, the Bethesda executive producer, has stated that there is no team dedicated to the game yet.

Todd Howard stated that Bethesda is currently working on other games right now and in an interview with IGN, he explained that they do have ideas for the game; current technology is not at the level the developer needs for TES6 but they are also working on two very large projects which will be revealed before TES6 is announced.

The PR and Marketing Vice President, Pete Hines, has supported this by saying that there is no official plan for developing The Elder Scrolls 6 right now.

So while TES6 is not in development, Bethesda is working on some very big projects right now which have not been revealed yet.

Fans of The Elder Scrolls will need to wait for several years now before the game is released; currently there are rumors suggesting that Bethesda will start developing TES6 in 2017.