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Our smartphones have made life so much easier. They can run a number of apps that help us with our day-to-day activities. WhatsApp certainly counts as one of the most useful apps ever made given it makes communication so much easier.

One great thing about apps is that they are constantly updated. Should there be any issues raised about the user interface or a flaw was seen with the security, those who developed the app can make the necessary changes to correct those issues. And the great thing is that you can update your app with ease thanks to the Microsoft Store.

Then again, not everything will be 100% alright when you download updates from the Store. Why so? There will be occasions when you run into some trouble and two of the most common are the following:

An error code was thrown at you

Sometimes when you’re downloading WhatsApp through the Microsoft Store, you might receive an error code. This code is not from the WhatsApp app itself but was one that was thrown by the Store. How do you get remedy it so you can proceed with the download? Well, the best way is to head to the Microsoft website and determine the description of the code you were given. From there, you will be given steps on what to do. You will usually find steps in the Microsoft Support website.

A message shows “Attention required” or “Waiting for Wi-Fi”

When you get any of these messages, you can check with the settings of the Microsoft Store App. The way you do this is to open the app, tap more, go to settings and find App updates. You can change your settings from there.

WhatsApp can’t resolve any Microsoft-related issues on their end because Microsoft controls the process for their Windows Phone apps.

The latest version of WhatsApp for Windows Phone is 2.6.114 which is available through the Microsoft Store.