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We’re only a week away from the release of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 which is scheduled for the 2nd of August. So far, nothing is known officially about the device other that what the leaks from Even Blass have shown us.

The leaks showed us many things, but more importantly, it showed an iris scanner that should be used for unlocking the upcoming phablet.

According to Kris Carlon, there is a new option in the Settings menu called Irises related to the iris scanner and there are many limitations to it. First of all, you can’t use it if you are wearing glasses or contacts. Nor can you use it in low light conditions.

It’s also necessary to lift your phone to your head level, at approximately 25-30 cm from your face. When the phablet is positioned, you have to place your eyes in the on-screen circles and the iris scanner should register you at that point.

But these aren’t the only limitations; Kukil Bora mentions that, according to the disclaimer, the scanner might not work if you have an eye disease that affects the iris or if you’ve had eye surgery, lens implants or ocular scar treatments.

Although, it doesn’t seem to be that efficient in terms of iris scanning at times, there are many other awesome features related to the upcoming phablet. According to Collen Kriel, the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 will sport a powerful 3.500 mAh battery and new options for the S Pen Air Command menu (Smart Select, Screen Write, S Note, Action Memo and Glance).

Furthermore, it will either feature a 5.7 inch or a 5.8 inch screen, Super AMOLED display with 2560×1440 in resolution, 6GB of RAM and three storage options (64GB, 128GB, 256GB).

Finally, it will have a 5MP rear camera along with a 12MP front one.