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Pokémon Go is the hottest game right now and it is played by a big amount of people from all over the world. We have some good news for the Pokémon Go players, as according to John Hanke, Niantic CEO, the developing company is currently working on bringing trading to the game.

We remind you that this feature is currently unavailable in the gme, but once it will be added, players will finally be able to trade Pokémon. In addition, new Pokémon and PokeStops will be added, but the company is also thinking about bringing a “breeding” system to this game.

Hanke said that some “custom” PokeStops will be added to the game, where players will be able to purchase “additional” items like “Lures” (which are now used to attract more Pokémon to the area), but they will change the Stops in different ways. For example, a PokeStop could be a “healing” location.

There are rumors which say that some “custom” Lures will be added so that a PokeStop will be able to attract a certain type of Pokémon. For example, the developer might bring an all-water Lure, which will attract water type of Pokémon nearby.

The game might also receive some training improvements, as currently the only way to make your Pokémon more powerful is to catch others of the same type and exchange them for seeds, which you can use to power up the CP stats of your Pokémon. Let’s not forget that Pokémon Go is a fresh game, but in time, this title will surely receive more features that will attract new players.

As soon as we will find out more information about the upcoming features that will be added to the Pokémon Go game, we will let you know!

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