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Sadly for us, we still don’t have a date for the official release of the long-awaited Microsoft Surface Pro 5.  Because of this shortage of information regarding the release, many insiders from this industry started launching several theories about how, when and why it will be launched.

According to some reports, the Pro 5 will be full of interesting new features and new hardware. Most of the improvements are reported to be included just to compensate for many problems and issues that have been encountered by users on the previous model, the Pro 4. And honestly, they were quite a lot: ranging from the stylus that worked on battery to the quite disappointing battery life. However, the company announced that they are definitely solving these issues for the new model by choosing a rechargeable stylus and a better battery.

Other reports indicate that the new device might be launched in October the soonest and in the beginning of 2017 the latest. This is a big gap actually, and it is so because of the fact that Microsoft has to decide about the components they will be using for the device. Many people believe that they will go for the latest update for the Windows 10 OS, which will be called Redstone 2. They are actually bust now with developing the update and as it seems, the launch will not take place that soon.

Another component that might delay the release even more is the Kaby Lake processor from Intel, which is expected to be released in the beginning of the next year. Taking into account both delays from at least these two components, it is natural to be quite skeptic and not to expect the new Microsoft Surface Pro 5 too soon.

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