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Almost all of the important smartphones on the market feature a Gorilla Glass – a shatter-resistant transparent layer for screen protection.

It’s good but it’s not perfect, of course, and recently Corning – the company responsible for Gorilla Glass – announced the release of Gorilla Glass 5.

This new version is similar to the previous Gorilla Glass 4 in size, which is 0.4-0.6 mm thick and it will be bonded to the display. It will also be transparent and it will not interfere with the touch control.

The difference between this new Gorilla Glass model and the previous models is that it’s supposed to offer better protection if the phone is dropped from shoulder height. The success rate is about 80% when the Gorilla Glass 5 phone is dropped from that height.

Another feature that was tested on the Gorilla Glass 5 was resistance tests for drops on concrete and other rough surfaces. Thirdly, the developers of the Glass also took into consideration what damage the screen might suffer (mostly scratches from keys) when carried in a purse or pocket.

Although Corning’s Gorilla Glass is the leader on the screen protection glass for smartphones market, there are also Motorola along with Lenovo making their way on the market by manufacturing their own brand of protective glass named ShatterShield which, according to several tests, proved to be much more efficient than Gorilla Glass. However, ShatterShield did affect the display quality.

So there you have, with Gorilla Glass 5 there will be fewer chances of you dropping your smartphone or scratching it with your keys and having to replace the screen. Due to the fact that in most cases the screen is stuck to the glass, they both have to be removed and it’s very expensive for the owner.

Gorilla Glass 5 is now available to smartphone makers and users should start seeing it in devices very soon.