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Android Police recently let out the fact that the newest version of Google Maps for the Android devices allows people to use the app merely by being connected a WiFi network. As such, you won’t need to use mobile data in case you need to use Maps, but this is only true if you pre-downloaded the specific map you want before leaving the WiFi back.

If you already received the update, you should be looking at the Setting menu and look for a toggle with “WiFi only”, found on the second line. If you find this setting it means that you can go offline without any stress. Before, this option was called “offline areas” and it still takes you to the same screen when you tap on it. However, now it got a new title and switch. If you tap on the title or the switch, you will cut the app from working on mobile data, and if you tap on the description, you will open the screen for the configuration of offline areas.

Keep in mind that when you open the app, you will see at the top a bar with “Wi-Fi only” written on it, to let you know that you enabled the option. Another feature that many people enjoyed along with the new update is the fact that now you can get a notification whenever there is a delay in the mass transit. These two updates seem to be very well received by the public, many people talking about them in good terms and enjoying the fact that they can now find their way without wasting too much of their mobile data connection. However, always remember to pre-download the map before leaving your WiFi connection!