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Microsoft recently started rolling out the 14393.3 build for Windows 10 for the Windows Insiders in Fast Ring, which means it’s available both for Mobile and PC. Since this is a cumulative type of update, it just includes bug fixes and other improvements that are intended to make the OS a better user experience.

According to their explanations, it seems that they solved lots of issues that appeared with tablets, for instance. For example, there was a bug where the keyboard did not wanted to rotate in order to match the landscape profile as it should have. Thankfully, this is fixed now! Also, they took care of another issue that had been reported by many users: Windows Updates were reaching some systems late through Connected Standby.

But that’s not everything they took care of! They also noticed another issue: in some Store apps there were some issues with the Korean Input Method Editor (also called IME). Also, some Store apps did not launch due to some issues with the licenses they had, and Microsoft fixed that too. Other apps had some serious issues when they synchronised through DDE through inter-processing communications.

All in all, it seems that Microsoft takes good care of its customers, given the fact that they paid attention to all the bugs and issues reported by many of their users and did their best in order to solve them. As it seems, the overall user experience will now be better due to the efforts they made to cut off any potential trouble source. Of course, they are still relying on many of their users to report whatever issues they are encountering. Many have been really satisfied with the manner in which Microsoft chose to address these issues, so you can say they get bonus points for this!