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The game hasn’t even been fully released yet and Niantic have already announced that the mobile game will be getting a big update soon to enhance the current features and to add brand new content.

One of the most requested and expected features in Pokemon Go is trading; even when the game was first announced to the world excited fans were talking about the potential for trading and now Niantic have confirmed this will be coming to the game. No actual details about the mechanics of this have been released but players will be able to trade with friends and strangers. There has been no mention of how close the players need to be when trading but it will most likely work in a similar fashion to Gyms or PokeStops.

Trading is without the biggest feature that was mentioned by Niantic but they also revealed plans to add a Gym leadership board which will definitely boost the competitive nature of the game. In addition to this, PokeStops and Gyms are going to become more interactive and customizable but no other details about this has been revealed so far.

It’s a shame that these two features were not in the base game but fans will be pleased to see these coming at a later date. Niantic has kept quiet about when these features will be coming but considering the team is talking about them, fans should expect to see them relatively soon.