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Windows Phone users have been begging for Niantic and Nintendo to notice them and bring the game to these devices; there is even a petition with over 80,000 signatures demanding the game be ported. It looks as though Windows Phone users may have finally been heard.

According to a post on WinBeta a frustrated fan took to Facebook to explain their point of view and reasons for why Pokemon Go needed to come to Windows Phone. Not having this game could kill these devices by driving Pokemon fans to competitors. His post received a reply from the Microsoft Portugal social media team.

The team confirmed that Pokemon Go will be coming to Windows Phone ‘soon’. There have been no more responses from the team about this yet and no official announcement has been made by Niantic or Nintendo about this.

Hopeful fans will need to wait and see over the coming weeks; it’s still possible that this statement is wrong and that the game has not yet been confirmed for Windows Phone.

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