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Google Maps was released in February 2005, being a desktop web mapping service that offers satellite imagery, street maps, Street View, Google Traffic, Route Planning and now, two new features have been added: the option to restrict data usage to Wi-Fi only, and mass transit delay notifications. These features are slowly rolling out to users, but they’re not part of any new update.

Wi-Fi only

When opening the Settings screen, users will see a new toggle on the second line which says “Wi-Fi only” (it replaces the line that used to be titled “offline areas”). If this feature is visible on the screen, than users are set to go offline, so by tapping on the line, they’ll cut maps off from cellular data. If they tap anywhere on the description, the configuration screen for offline areas will be opened. And as long as the Wi-Fi only mode will be enabled, users will see a small bar displayed across the top of the screen.

Notifications for mass transit delays

This feature is somehow linked to route planning, as it will allow users who travel by bus or train to find out if there will be mass transit delays. Some users have reported that they’ve received a welcome message and a configuration screen which showed an option to turn on disruption alerts. It seems that the toggle failed to work and when re-launching Maps, the screen disappeared. This must be a glitch that Google will try to fix as soon as possible, which clearly suggests that the feature was released too soon.

In order to receive the Wi-Fi only mode, you must install at least Maps v9.32. The latest version 9.32.1 can be found on APK Mirror’s website and before downloading it, you must enable the Unknown Sources option from your device’s Settings.