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A patch for Fallout 4 was released on the 5th of July under the number 1.16 which creates a temporary save file every time a player will exit to the main menu. It’s extremely useful since many players forget to save when they exit the game and can find themselves having to play a level that they’ve already won before.

The announcement was made via a Twitter post and it is already available for PC. As for the console version of Fallout 4, the patch will first be available for Xbox One and then for Play Station 4. However, there is no official schedule for these releases yet. But hopefully, the patch will come to consoles soon.

The 1.16 patch also comes with many new features and fixes. Apart from the ExitSave function, other new features that come with the update include more than 300 new player names, new add-on-specific icons in the Workshop mode and support for upcoming add-ons.

In terms of fixes, the update brings performance improvements and general stability. A crash related to targeting an enemy weapon was fixed and so was an issue where a Companion would be unable to run, stuck on walking.

Other fixed issues refer to the dead settlers that can no longer be assigned to supply lines, the situation when a character would become permanently invisible, and the activation of mods that did not come from The problem with deleting of saved games which caused other saved games to disappear was also taken care of.

Finally, the update optimized the Mods load order and browsing and also did some minor bug fixing that will definitely improve the gaming experience.

For more information on the fixes and new features from the update, check out the official Bethesda site or follow their tweets if you want to keep track of all their developments.