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Tom Clancy’s The Division is due to receive the first expansion in August; Underground will be expanding the subway tunnels with new Underground Operations into randomly generating tunnels which are filled with enemies.

In preparation for this, the team have released several updates this month; most of them have been bug crushing updates to bring the game into better shape and many of them also impacted the gameplay. One of the biggest changes came in the July 14th update where PvP weapons were boosted slightly to deal 20% more damage to other players.

These bug fixes are necessary and have addressed a wide range of issues including the game breaking bug that could cause players to randomly die while returning to a mission after spawning in a safe house. Fans are happy to see that Ubisoft is addressing their concerns and fixing major bugs that have arisen since the release of the game. In addition to major bugs, the team is also working on smaller bugs which are more of an annoyance to players.

The Division players can expect to see more updates incoming as Ubisoft prepares the game for the first big expansion which will be released next month.