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More reports about problems with Adobe Flash Player and how the online world is abandoning it keep popping up. But despite all the bad news linked to the media player, it is still here and it is still being used by some developers. As an ‘ordinary’ web user, is it really still necessary to download Flash?

Well, are the websites that you frequent still using AFP? Some sites that are still sticking to Flash Player may load on your device even if you don’t have the plugin installed. However, there might be some content that you won’t be able to view, such as videos and animation, or the format of the pages could be askew.

Another point to consider when you’re deciding if Adobe Flash Player is really an app you need to install is if you’re really going to be affected if certain online advertisements won’t load or appear on your device. Advertisers who want to reach their web audience more effectively have been dropping Flash and using HTML5 instead to ensure their ads will work better on any device. However, there are certain adverts that still run on AFP, so you won’t be able to view them without downloading the media player.

The third question you should ask yourself is if you are confident that the Adobe Flash Player plugin won’t cause any security threats to your device. Many Flash users have become victims of malware when they installed fake AFP updates.

To be fair, there are still many reasons why people still use Adobe Flash Player. But with most browsers, websites, developers, and online content using more secure, updated, and convenient means (like HTML5) to improve the web users’ experience, you might not really be missing that much if you don’t install Flash. However, if you really need the plugin, make sure you download it from Adobe’s official website and that you take the necessary precautions to protect your device from any potential threats that can be coursed through the media player.

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