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Nowadays, people are looking to have more value for money when buying a smartphone. Perhaps it is only fair for customers to have a couple of choices as they head to shop for a reasonably-priced piece of gadget. For this reason, the Samsung Galaxy J5 is put to the test against the Galaxy C6. Here are some notable points between the two smartphones.

Starting up the duel, allow the smart features of the Samsung Galaxy J5 unfold right in front of you.

  • Battery Life

Not many new smartphones within this category can boast about a good battery life. The 3100mAh is a solid feature loved by customers and critics alike.

  • Solid Display

Within this price range, the J5 can be a good one against rival smartphones. Having a 1280 x 720 pixels resolution at 5.2” screen size is totally amazing. Likewise, it has a Super AMOLED screen that everyone should rejoice about.

  • Lightweight Design

If you are looking for a smartphone with decent camera features, you can count on the J5. It has dual high-resolution cameras with accurate colors. The 13MP back and 5MP front-facing cameras are surely awesome.

Now, customers would want to see what the Galaxy C6 can offer under its sleeve. Here are some of the things to look forward to.

  • Excellent Camera

After the release of the Galaxy C5 to the public in the previous month, people are looking a more revolutionized camera that should surpass the 16MP mark that its predecessor has.

  • Resolution and Display

At this price range, a decent 5.2” screen display and resolution of 1080 x 1920 pixels should already be a good buy. However, these are featured in the previous version. Should that be improved in the next model of the C series? Perhaps it remains to be seen.

  • Processor and RAM

Not many devices under this category has an impressive 4GB of RAM these days. To think, its predecessor has this already together with a Snapdragon 617 processor that Android fans should love about.

Perhaps more battery life on top of the 2600mAh, considering the hardware installed on this device, should be utilized instead on the Galaxy C6 to cater to all that power.

Well, there you have it! The Samsung Galaxy J5 vs Galaxy C6 might not be a usual rivalry. But fans should love to have a couple of things to look forward to especially when it comes to value for money which should be difficult to ignore these days.

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