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Pokemon Go is slowly taking over the world and is being released carefully to limit server crashes and overcrowding; considering this is the biggest and most anticipated mobile game ever released, this is understandable but frustrating for some.

It was first released July 6th for the USA, Australia and New Zealand however the high demand and server issues pushed back the release date for other countries. From July 13th the game was finally introduced into Europe and most countries in the region have access to the game now.

The game is also now available in Canada, Puerto Rico, Indonesia, South Korea and Japan. The team has plans to add more countries to this growing list.

It’s been confirmed for release in India and Brazil soon but no dates have been given yet; other major countries will also be receiving the game later this month and in August.

Pokemon Go has become a cultural phenomenon and the game isn’t even fully launched yet; updates are already being planned for the game so countries without the game have a lot to look forwards to.