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Sony has not yet provided a release date for their upcoming new PlayStation 4 versions however new reports are suggesting that the consoles will be released this Fall. It is expected that the PlayStation 4 Slim will be released in the Fall as a response to the release of the Xbox One S which is due for release in August.

The PS4 Neo has been closely guarded by Sony and the company has released very little information about the upcoming console so far; we know that it has been designed for the PlayStation VR, it will support 4K and that it’s had a hardware upgrade to match these areas. The PS Virtual Reality headset will be released in October so releasing it this fall would make sense.

The CEO of GameStop, Paul Raines, may have confirmed this rumor by accident. During a show on CNBC, he commented that players could look forwards to the Xbox One Slim and PS4 Neo which will be released this year. GameStop have come out to ‘explain’ him statements by stating that he merely meant player has these consoles to look forwards to in a more general sense.

So far, all of the details about these two consoles points to a 2016 release date however Sony is being very quiet on this.

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