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New rumors relating to the location of Grand Theft Auto 6 have been running wild over the past few days; previously to these new thoughts, the game was going to be set in America and may have been connected to GTA Vice City. The new rumors have completely changed this idea.

According to reports, GTA6 will be set in London and there are claims that this game will allow players to travel the world with a brand new world map feature.

The idea does seem a little far fetched however the original Grand Theft Auto game did have a London mission pack released for it; so it is possible that Rockstar would look at the city as being the location for the next game in the series.

Being set in London would come with some difficulties due to the heavy gun restrictions in the UK however it could be a very interesting setting.

Rockstar have no yet confirmed that they are developing Grand Theft Auto 6 and until they begin to talk about this project, fans will continue to speculate facts about the game.