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Apple released four beta builds for the iOS, tvOS, watchOS and macOS and all of them come with new features and bug fixes.

To begin with, iOS Beta 3 features many new functions related to the Touch ID and lock screen. Before, in the other betas, users has to press the home screen button to activate Touch ID and now, if you just put the thumb on the button, without having to press it, it activates.

Another change that you will notice is that the lock screen sounds now offer haptic feedback when the smartphone locks. At the same time, the keyboard sounds that were removed from the previous beta have been brought back.

The lock screen also comes with more info and even interactive notifications. It has been redesigned, along with other apps like Apple Music and Apple News in order to be easier to use.

In terms of bug fixing, the iOS has resolved many things like for example, the crashing Apple Music and Notes issues. Other problems that have been fixed are the ones related to Siri.

There are also repairs for the macOS Sierra and they have been made for the following apps: Photos, Safari, Apple Pay, Siri, iBooks, Mail. However, Siri is only semi-functional on Sierra for now.

The watchOS update also comes with its fair share of bug fixing. For example, the Apple Pay crash has been fixed and the irritating notifications from the clock and the calendar have also been removed. Other repaired issues refer to the connectivity, Siri and Homekit problems.

Finally, the third beta for tvOS comes with fewer repairs but they are important nonetheless. The music playback and controllers have been fixed, but the issues related to photos and podcasts remain.

These betas can be downloaded by registered developers directly from Apple’s developer’s console.