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Across time, whenever a Microsoft Xbox One game was released for the PC platform – the respective game proved out to have many bugs and limitations that turned it into an annoying experience at times. The problems were usually related to frame rates and a lack of features in general, not to mention game features that were specifically designed for PC. The most obvious case of this nature was the PC version release of the Quantum Break game from Remedy.

However, this will change with the release of the Gears of War 4 game for PC. As stated by The Coalition – the company responsible for the series – in a Eurogamer interview, the game will have many PC specific features. By that they mean that it will feature video settings with dynamic resolutions designed for the ultra-wide display option. Moreover, in order to offer a visual advantage for the PC gamers, it will use high resolution textures, the UWP’s unlocked frame rates and the core processors found in PCs.

Apart from the PC specific visual features, there will also be a benchmarking mode and players will have full control over the mouse and keyboard input.

The idea behind these features is to make the players feel like the game is PC-native rather than console-native and this will most certainly please the PC users who don’t have consoles, but wanted to play the game without the expected limitations from porting the game from the Xbox platform to the PC platform.

Gears of War 4 is the fourth installment in the Gears of War series and it is scheduled for release on the 11th of October of this year. The game’s plot takes place 25 years after all of the Imulsion on the planet Sera was destroyed and humanity is forced to find new ways to survive