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Supercell is already considering what content will be added to the game during the next big Spring Update; Clash of Clans has already received new troops which were lifted from Clash Royale earlier this year.

The developer has previously run a survey asking players what they want to see added to the game and after considering the responses they released a detailed update; it addressed various issues mentioned by players and added new content to the game with the May 2016 update.

Nothing official has been posted yet on the forums by Supercell but there are reports from players stating that the developer has been surveying select fans. At some point in the the future, there will most likely be a new public survey added to the official forums for players to complete; this will still be some time away and fans should not expect to see this until September as a minimum.

The most pressing issues have been commented on by fans for quite some time now on the forums and will most likely be addressed in the future update. Fans have placed a new Daily quest system, better Clan management and improved ranking systems at the top of their wishlist.