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If you are used to WhatsApp, then you should know that the messenger has been growing with numerous features, as you have noticed through time while using the app. Now, its latest version 2.16.189 brings a new voicemail or voice message feature that you can send to the individual who happened to decline your call.

Basically, this feature is an addition to the app’s “Call” feature, where you do not have to type down your message or go back to the message screen where you can see the voice messages. With this update, it is just the same feature, where a declined call will let you know that you have to send a message about something, but there is an option to send a voice message right from the call screen.

While this new feature comes with the update, it actually mentions the changes in the log, which include those about replying and quoting of specific contacts in your group, which means that this feature was already seen in the earlier version.

Simply put, this latest WhatsApp download will let you think how you can send a voice message to a person who rejected your call, and on the same screen, you can record a voice message. There are also some features that the development team points out, and though these go unnoticed, they are also important. For example, a recent addition is a new font that you can only see when you use a particular combination.

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