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WhatsApp version 2.6.114 for Windows Phone is now available and it improves Gallery support as well as other fixes for the user interface. The newest version was under beta testing for a number of weeks and this stable version has been recently released.

In the past, the image gallery tended to be slow. With this update, the gallery is much more faster. Before the update came, users were greeted with an All Images section when they went to the Gallery for image selection. Now, users will be directed to the Folders page when they want to choose an image.

The update can be downloaded from Microsoft Store. WhatsApp uses your phone number rather than your email account for identification. In fact, the app doesn’t require a password or an email account – but it does need one when you log into the Microsoft Store.

While updating your app should be smooth sailing from Microsoft Store, there’s a chance you might run into trouble. Here are the most common issues:

  • You receive an error code. Note that getting such a code isn’t from WhatsApp, it’s from Microsoft Store. You can check the Microsoft site for suggestions on resolving the issue.
  • You get a message stating “Attention Required” or “Waiting for WiFi.” When you get this message, try checking the settings of the Microsoft Store app. Go to the app tap more go to settings find app updates then change your settings from there.

Even though WhatsApp is withdrawing support from Windows 7 and other devices at the end of this year, it still remains a vital tool in terms of communication. Luckily, WhatsApp is only ending support for Windows Phone 7.1. This means that there is still hope for the newer versions in terms of getting updates, be it major or just minor. But if you really want to get the latest – this includes features and other fixes – the suggestion from WhatsApp is to upgrade the device you have.