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You may or may not have WhatsApp on your phone right at this instant, but whichever the case is, this article is intended to provide you with answers to some of the common questions you might ask when downloading the app for your device. Call it a reference guide if you will.

But given the non-fuss provided by Google Play, why should you even need a couple of questions answered, right? Well, the simple truth is while getting the app on your Samsung device is pretty straightforward, you might run into some hiccups along the way. Also, given the open source nature of most Samsung devices, you can try out WhatsApp even in beta mode.

So let’s get the questions started.

I can’t seem to download or update WhatsApp using Google Play. What can I do?

One of the first things you need to remember about downloading WhatsApp or any other app for that matter is that you may run into some trouble. Rather than panic at the thought of not being able to download, know that there are reasons you weren’t able to. Here are the culprits:

  • You got an error code. Note which error code you got and check the WhatsApp Android FAQ page for the appropriate steps to take. For instance, if you get error code 413 you will have to remove your Google Account, reboot your device, clear the Google Play Store cache then try downloading again.
  • You don’t have enough space on your device. You can try clearing the Google Play Store cache first and if that doesn’t work, try clearing your device’s cache. If that still doesn’t work, then you’ve got some storage management things to do which may involve deleting files you no longer need, removing apps and moving apps to an SD card.
  • Your device is not compatible with the app. There are certain devices not supported by WhatsApp. You can try downloading from the website but there’s a good chance it won’t function in the future because it’s not supported.
  • The app isn’t available in your country. You can try downloading the app from the website. It helps to turn on Unknown Sources on your phone’s security settings as well.

I like playing with APKs. If I install with one, can I update it through the Play Store?

Yes. Play Store will update your app if it finds a newer one.

I get errors when installing an APK. What can I do?

There are a couple reasons for this:

  • The cryptographic signature doesn’t match. In this case, make sure the app wasn’t re-signed.
  • The APK version is lower than the one installed. Uninstall the previous one before installing an APK of lower version.
  • The libraries used were for a different CPU architecture. Use the correct one for what architecture you have.

We have also published a guide on installing WhatsApp on different Samsung devices. Do check that one out.